Client is a leading telecom provider in Southeast Asia.

  • Description:

    The clients have thousands of BTS (Base Transceiver Station) across the country. The cost for maintenance and operating the BTS is high. Also whenever there is incident, it takes time for the technicians to respond and fix. We use IoT technology to provide a smart solution for the client to collect data from the BTS for OA&M purposes. Our remote control system enables clients to configure, control and administer the peripherals and equipment of the BTS remotely.

  • Technical Solution:

    Our solution is built on top of our SIoTC platform (Smart IoT platform for Communications industry). Our IoT platform has following capabilities:

    • SaaS based
    • Support mutiple languages
    • Device management
    • Administrative applications
    • Asset management
    • Reportings and real time data visualization
    • Data analytic
    • Supported wide ranges of protocols: MQTT, RESTful
    • IoT platform is integrated with existing management applications of the client via Web Services

    The data will be collected by the sensors installed in the BTS, then data will be aggregated at the gateways and sent to data storage in the IoT platform. The platform provides Restful APIs for several OA&M applications as follows:

    • Managing renewable energy such as Solar and wind
    • Energy monitor and control
    • Climate monitor and control
    • Thermometer and smoke detection and alert
    • Water level monitor and control
    • Motion detection, physical security monitor and alert

     Technology stack: Java, Java Scripts, Apache Tomcat 7, Apache Hbase, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Linux, NodeJS, Hazelcast, MongoDB, InfluxDB

  • Achievement:

    The system has been deployed successfully to thousands of BTS.