This Collaboration is an open, secure collaboration tool for email, calendaring, tasks and more. It still supports for both open source and support product.

  • Description:

    The client wanted us to provide the service to create patch, develop feature enhancement, automation and manual testing as support ticket from their customer. In this project, we are collaborate with the development and support team in Japan and US to get the customer requirement, updated source code from main branch to back port to lower version, create patch, testing and release to customer.

  • Technical Solution:

    • The main technologies used in the project are Java, messaging, email and distributed system on Linux based.
    • We also provide the automation test service in this project using Selenium.
    • Technologies: J2EE, AJAX, JQuery, Zimbra, Jetty, OpenLDAP, MySQL.
  • Achievement:

    • After 3 years supporting in this project, we have released more than 10 custom patches and several enhancements to apply to the leading telco service providers in Asia including leading telco companies in Japan. We also help to release a touch client demo of this collaboration for sale team to demonstrate to potential customers. The IMT team is highly valued by the clients for our continued support.
    • With this project, we also gain a lot of experience in Professional Services, software testing and email system.