The customer is a leading player in Singapore's contactless mobile payment. Accepted widely throughout the citystate, Changi airport. The company is also leasing IMT-built technology for others to implement.

  • Description:

    • The whole package includes an app for the end-user, and also provides merchants with tools to drive customer acquisition and improve their marketing efficiency, operates an open and intelligent payments and consumer engagement platform that delivers integrated and personalized mobile experience.
    • The client was looking for a reliable development partner in Asia to support their growing need of software development and testing of the mobile payment platform.
  • Technical Solution:

    IMT team provided the onsite and offshore working model in which IMT project leaders and business analysts are working onsite in Singapore and the remaining of software team are working in Vietnam to achieve both cost effectiveness and business agility

    IMT provide to solutions from system architecture design to implementation to meet following criteria:

    • support up to 10K Transaction Per Second
    • Zero Recovery Point Objective
    • Fast Recovery Time Objective
    • Realtime analytics
    • Rearchitect with microservices
    • MASA ready
    • Technologies: Azure platform, iOS, Android, microservices, Hybrid deployment
  • Achievement:

    The app was designed and built to provide merchants with tools to drive customer acquisition and improve their marketing efficiency. Through the intelligent analytics and campaign management tools, merchant partners are able to understand and influence their customers’ purchasing behaviors, providing an improved customer experience and driving meaningful and sustainable business growth.