The customer is Japan companies. They manufacture and sell solar power projects which is installed on the roof of the garage at 15,500 locations. And they are working on agricultural improvement projects.

  • Description:

    Our technical team built the automation work flows for data integration:

    • Read data from excel / csv files
    • Upload logs file into FTP server
    • Process data from internal memories
    • Data processing
    • Save data into database
  • Technical Solution:

    IMT built a qualified team who is good at Arteria working model and has strong technical background and communication skill to work directly with the client to implement the system based on their experience and analysis in system features as well as technical architecture.

    Technologies used in project:

    • Asteria
    • Java
    • MySQL, MongoDB 
  • Achievement:

    • Started with 1 engineer in a small pilot project and ramped up to 10+ members.
    • The team handle full cycle of development works including BA, Development and Testing.
    • By outsourcing to IMT the client achieved cost reduction while still could ensure time-to-market and high quality.
    • Started with a Japan company, we got more customer in Japan market.