Client is an IoT technology startup aiming to provide power line communications semiconductors, devices and systems that enable the transformation of the electricity grid into a smart grid. By connecting utilities to their customers, the client's semiconductors, modules and DIN Rail PLC modems help to transform meters, streetlights, homes and industrial buildings and other appliances into energy-aware "smart devices" that react to conditions on the grid, thus implementing a worldwide communications network based on the existing power grid.

  • Description:

    The client wanted to build complex system to control electronic light devices using IoT technologies. They also wanted to have a system that can be scaled to support up to hundred thousands of devices. So they were looking for a strong technical team to achieve the project goals.

  • Technical Solution:

    • ODC of 4 people was set up with resources selected by the client. Team worked closely with client to build the requirement, and helped the client to design system architect. Team also was active to research and select suitable technologies for the system.
    • Technologies: C#, Java, Spring, Hibernate (JPA), MySQL, Rabbit MQ, Google Map API, Socket, Modbus protocol (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modbus) is used for communication between devices
  • Achievement:

    • IMT team worked with the client and help to design a scalable system which can support up to hundred thousands of devices.
    • The system was set up and demonstrated successfully in Africa, China, Indonesia and Russia.