The client is a technology company based in Australia. The client aims to build a system to increase the accuracy of control rail system by gathering information from rail electronic devices. Their core product is a Network Integrity Monitoring System (NIMS) which is a Voltage detection system for Electric trains and trams. NIMS system discovers devices connected to NIMS automatically or manually to get information of devices and it allows to trigger self-test of devices from the web client.

  • Description:

    The client wanted to build complex system to get Voltages and other information of rail electronic devices. They also want to have a system that can be scaled to support up to hundred thousands of devices. So they are looking for a strong technical team to build it.

  • Technical Solution:

    IMT setup a team who have strong technical background to work with customer. Team works closely with client to build the requirement, and helps client to design system architect.

    Technologies used: C#, Java, Spring, Hibernate (JPA), MySQL, Rabbit MQ, Google Map API, Socket, Modbus message.

  • Achievement:

    IMT team work with the client and help to design a scalable system which can support up to hundred thousands of devices.