The client is a Global IT Innovator delivering technology-enabled services and solutions to users around the world. The client has headquarter in Japan and offices around the world.

  • Description:

    • Medical Assistance System is dedicating on report management system of qualification, payment claim (Child, Single Parent, Handicapped man, etc...).
    • The system has to deal with large data every month (data can be over 500.000 records). All aggregate demand will be run in background and processing for registration the data, making the invoices, letters, ... After all, the agency will collect all needed information (report) and provide the correct payment to client.
  • Technical Solution:

    • IMT formed up a dedicated offshore team to work with customer’s development team in Japan. We have provided quality system developing service for the product meeting all the delivery schedules.
    • Technologies used: Java, Spring Batch, NHibernate, JUnit, Maven, Oracle DB.
  • Achievement:

    IMT have provided good developing to deal with large data, provided solution to collect data correctly and satisfied the minimum time running to output the report.