The client is a leader in innovative dental care in US, with products including floss picks, mouth guards, interdental brushes, and more.

  • Description:

    The clients wanted to develop a Dental Care system as following requirement:

    • A system with ability to centralize patient profile data among dental offices to enable automation of administrative tasks.
    • The web-enable community for Dentist to request and receive none-core added-value services such as Patient Schedule reminder, Service follow-up, Patient Referral / Transfer, Dentist lookup and rating, etc…
  • Technical Solution:

    • We helped client to design the system architect, development, testing, deployment, knowledge transfer and maintenance the system.
    • We consulted client to develop the system based on DotNetNuke CMS to help saving development effort and quick releasing the product.
  • Achievement:

    • We completed the system in 6 months with all the main functions works. The system helped customer's business growing faster.