Why Outsource To Vietnam?

High Awareness Of Western Business Culture

Western culture started to penetrate Vietnam since the seventeenth century. Vietnamese Romanized character was invented by a French Jesuit Alexandre de Rhodes during his missionary work in Vietnam from 1627 to 1630. Significant French influence in Vietnam started since seventeenth century until 1945 during the French colonialism. From 1945 to 1975 the south of Vietnam was influenced by the American culture.

Vietnam is one of the special cases in Asia that the country has comparatively low power-distance index. Influenced by Western cultures, Vietnamese software engineesrs are more likely to speak up to a client and acknowledge when they have different ideas or something cannot be done.

Good English Proficiency

English is taught as the main foreign language since grade 6. Vietnam has rapidly improved English proficiency over the past six year, in EF Education First’s 2013 English Proficiency Index Report, Vietnam has jumped to 28th place, in the same group with Argentina, Ukraine, India and better than China and Russia.

Education First English Proficiency Report rated Vietnamese students as Good English Proficiency

Vietnam in Education First’s 2013 English Proficiency Index Report