Vietnamese cuisine comes 3rd in The 10 healthiest ethnic cuisines

Fresh herbs, lots of vegetables and seafood, and cooking techniques that use water or broth instead of oils - these are some of the standout qualities of Vietnamese food.

"This cuisine, prepared the traditional way, relies less on frying and heavy coconut-based sauces for flavor and more on herbs, which makes it lower in calories," Largeman-Roth, a New York Times bestselling author and nationally recognized health expert, explains.

Traditional Vietnamese flavorings (including cilantro, mint, Thai basil, star anise, and red chili) have long been used as alternative remedies for all sorts of ailments, and cilantro and anise have actually been shown to aid digestion and fight disease-causing inflammation.

One of the healthiest and most delicious Vietnamese dishes is Phở (pronounced "fuh"), an aromatic, broth-based noodle soup full of antioxidant-packed spices.


According to Luke Nguyen, Chef and Author that is Australia's most celebrated Vietnamese food expert, Vietnamese food is fresh, light, textural, delicate, well balanced and the most refined south east Asian cuisine.

In MasterChef US 2012, Christine Hà, who is blind, convinced the judges to give her the White Apron by cooking a Vietnamese dish, Catfish in clay pot (cá trê kho tộ)

Still sticking with what she knows best, Vietnamese comfort food, she won the contest and became the MasterChef US 2012 with another Vietnamese dish, braised pork belly with omelet and rice (cơm tấm)