IMT provides test automation service as a part our life-cycle testing service or as an independent service depending on our clients’ needs.Our proven high quality in-house testing frameworks, standardized to optimize and leverage the best practices among the programs and industry domains, and easy to be tailored to align with specific clients business objectives.

IMT is well versed in many test automation tools, both commercial and open source, such as:

  • Selenium
  • Visual Studio
  • QuickTest Pro
  • TestComplete
  • Silk
  • Winrunner
  • QA Run
  • Robot Test
  • Scripting’s: TCL/Tk, Perl, Unix Shell, Python
  • Lisa TK

Key reasons to choose IMT as your partner of choice for test automation

  • Subject matter experts have over 17 years of experience in test automation, helping clients from startups to Fortune 500 across various industries.
  • Developer in Testengineers have been working in Agile environment for over 6 years.
  • In-house testing frameworks available and customizable to reduce time to market and increase productivity.

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