PHP is an intuitive, server side scripting language. PHP contains a number of extensions to support interracting with databases, extracting data to be displayed on a web page and saving information enterred by user back into the database.

The recent research of Web Technology Surveys shows that PHP is used by 83.6% of all the websites. The following are some popular web sites using PHP currently


At IMT Solutions, we have been developing web sites and web applications with PHP for over ten (10) years. Our PHP developers can create engaging web applications and web sites for different industries such as eCommerce, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and FinTech.

Our team is passionated about providing our clients with reliable solutions, quality services and superior after-sale support. We follow Agile Scrum development process and apply CI/CD whenever possible. All our software development facilities are ISO 27001 certified to ensure the highest customer project information security.

Our service offerings include:

  • UI/UX design
  • PHP website development
  • Custom PHP application development
  • Web-based application & product development using PHP
  • Porting and Migration to and from PHP
  • Web application QA / testing services
  • PHP web site testing using automation testing tools
  • eCommerce application development using PHP and Magento
  • Existing PHP web sites support and maintenance

Our technical competencies

We have experience with following technologies and frameworks:

In front-end, we are also using HTML5, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, etc.

Some sample of our projects are:

Why choosing our PHP Development Services

  • We can offer quick turn-around PHP app development. Our PHP experts can create engaging web sites in several days using robust frameworks such as Laravel, WordPress...
  • Open-source and free to use. PHP is cross-platform and compatible with numerous open source solutions.
  • Robust, scalable and flexible. We only use proven and the most stable libraries and frameworks. Over 90% of our projects are using DevOps best pratices to ensure fast turn-around and high quality.
  • We guarantee the your satisfaction under service level agreement (SLA) and commit to money-back guarantee policy.
  • We offer flexible business engagement models to give our clients cost saving and agility.
  • Our Agile Srcrum development process allows collaborative project development enabling immediate feedback from your team and your customer during the software development.

Looking for PHP Developers? Need some help in developing eCommerce app? Contact us!

If you need to hire dedicated PHP developers for your next projects or want to outsource PHP software development please get in touch with IMT today.

If you are not sure which technologies and framework will best suit your need, our software architects and PHP experts are willing to give you advices and information.

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