Offshore Product Development Service

Today’s market constantly demands for innovative products. Independent Software Vendors (ISV) have little choice but to deliver faster, better and cheaper than competitors. Your speed to innovate and time-to-market could be your key differentiator. Developing a new product is far more complicated and challenging than any custom software application development. We understand that success software product devopment demands a high level of partnership, collaboration and engagement that goes beyond traditional outsourcing relationship. Our sucess stories in product development are built around our partnership mindset, proven and tailorable process, our worldclass technical talents.

Partnership Mindset

At IMT, we commit to provide excellent team collaboration with our cliens. A strong, well-organized team is key to succeess. We deeply believe that it all comes down to two teams – ours and client's, respecting and bringing the best in each other. We create a working environment where people are motivated to stay and perform, people see our success is measured by the success of our clients' products not by the value of contracts that we win.

We invest in the partnerships by sharing our clients risks and putting our own resources upfront to explore the products, the requirements, as well as working with our clients to tailore the development processes. 

Proven and Tailorable Process

IMT helps you plan and manage the Software Development Lifecycle from Requirements to Deployment. Leveraging our Vietnam Offshore Development Centers you can considerably reduce your development costs and concentrate your effort on developing the business. Specific services and deliverables includemanaging hardware, software resources, human resources, tracking progress regularly, managing code deliveries, testing and deploying the product on production environment. 

Our development process is well defined and proven. The software development teams adhere to the highest standards for code quality and software design. IMT team can serve as an extension team, working in conjunction with your in-house software team. We work closely with the client from the beginning the relationship to build a close collaboration in an integrated Offshore Development Center (ODC) model brings transparency, accountability and visibility to the product development.

Please visit our engagement process page to learn more about our process.

Risk-free to Start the Partnership

Leveraging the large and growing IT talent pool in Vietnam, we guarantee our customer’s ROI by offering money-back guarantee and/or Free Trial for the pilot project. For more information about our offerings, please contact our team at


IMT is looking for long-term cooperation with product development companies that have ongoing and continuous software outsourcing needs. The Free Trial is not applicable to short-term and one-off software development projects, and IMT reserves the right to reject offering the free trial.