In today's world, it’s not enough to have big ideas to make great apps. Being one of the companies joining mobile app development market in its dawn days, IMT know what it takes to build a great app. A great mobile app requires vision, strategy, UI/UX design, development, testing and on-going support and maintenance.

Mobile App Development Services

IMT Solutions' Mobile App Development services can be tailored to meet with clients' business needs, weather it is a short-time need or long-term on-going development need. Whether you are looking for utility apps for your business, enterprise application, we can craft everything with awesomeness.

With dedicated teams for iOS, Android, Windows mobile, HTML5, Hybrid, and Cross Platform technologies, IMT provides mobile solutions from simple mobile standalone applications that run inside mobile phones independently to client-server mobile applications in which client mobile applications interface with server applications thru restful services, JSON/XML over Http(s), XMPP. For client-server mobile applications, IMT offers both offline and online solutions.

1. Our Process

Mobile Strategy

With our experience and expertise, our specialist can help you generate ideas to expand your business to mobile adoption. We will conduct competitive analysis and user research to define your application strategy which not only addresses the immediate needs of your clients but also creates a growth platform for your future innovations.

Specification Creation

In many cases, you have some ideas which you would like to brainstorm with mobile experts so that the specification with requirements and mock-up can be created to present to your senior management or your investors for investent approval. This is where our skillful business analysts and UI/UX experts can help. Our team will work with you to clear the mist and polish your idea to create the product specification and other associated documents.

End-to-end Mobile Application Development

We work with all major platforms, offer end-to-end service from concept, user experience design, user interface design, coding, testing, deployment, and on-going support. We use Agile process which highly emphasizes the collaboration with our clients to allow quicker feedbacks to be incorporated.

Product Support

Planning and managing the live deployment for the application to App stores such as Apple appstore, Google Play or Amazon appstore. We help our clients to provide after-sale support from resolving customer support tickets to bug-fixing and new feature enhancement. Please follow this link to learn more about our product support and professional services.

2. Key reasons to select IMT for mobile application development project

  • One of the early adopters in the iOS and Android development, over 6 years of experience in iPhone and iPad development
  • Experience in native, hybrid and mobile web app
  • Top quality at reasonable cost
  • Agile process allowing effective interaction and customer feedbacks

3. Domain Knowledge

With an in-depth understanding of the characteristics and special development needs of mobile applications, we offer a diverse range of the following mobile applications:
  • Social networking solutions
  • Healthcare/mobile health solutions
  • Social forum applications
  • Polling/Voting applications
  • Gaming solutions
  • Geo/location based solutions
  • Travel guiding utilities
  • Hotel/Ticket booking applications
  • eBooks
  • eLearning and mobile learning solutions
  • Shopping cart
  • Productivity Support

4. Success stories

We have done over 200 mobile projects for our clients from 20 countries. Some success stories are:
  • We helped a leading location-based retail solution provider in the Asia Pacific developing mobile and online marketing solutions from customer interfacing features to data analytic: Mobile E-commerce Platform case study
  • We helped a leading mobile solution providers in Singapore hospitality industry to develop their awesome mobility solutions for restaurant management: Hospitality solutions.
  • We helped a Canadian financial services company to develop a paperless application: iPad based REST application.
To see more success stories please visit our portfolio page or download our mobile brochure to learn more about our engagement process and service offering.

5. Risk-free To Start

With our experienced mobile application developers, you will have no limitations. If you have a project ready to start with us, please follow this link to learn which engagement model is the best choice. For more information, please feel free to send an email to with your questions and ideas.