IMT is one of the early adopters in the mobile programming when Apple and Google introduced their mobile platforms. We have helped our clients to release hundreds of mobile applications to Apple Store and Google Play. With our in-depth experience, we can help your product achieve faster time-to-market and satisfy the high quality demands from millions of mobile users.

Cross-platform and multiple screen sizes testing

One of the challenges of mobile testing is the cross-platform and multiple screen sizes issue. This even becomes more complicated with the android devices where there are many manufacturers and many different android OS versions. Making sure the application works well on all those platforms with various devices is a challenge to all mobile application providers. With the help from our experience QA engineers who have established their best practices in mobile testing through hundreds of various applications, you can leave this worry to them.

User experience testing

The emergence of smartphone leading by iOS and Android has introduced a very different user experience and interaction with the mobile application. The interaction with mobile is totally different from the traditional web and desktop applications due to the screen size, limit of CPU/memory as well as the introduction of the innovation concepts like touch, accelerator... To achieve the good user experience, it is required the applications to follow the best practices from Apple/Google. Our capable QA engineers will help you to ensure that and make your released application brings the best experience to your target users.

Manual testing and automation testing

Our team is master at both manual and automation testing. We target each type of testing to bring different values. We are experienced in working with various mobile automation tools from open source like appium to commercial one like TouchTest for the sanity and regression tests. By properly leveraging the automation tools, our QA engineers can focus their mind and effort on the complicated, intermittent bugs which can only be found by manual testing. Combining both manual and automation effort, we will help you to release a high quality mobile application.

Agile testing best practices

Through years of experience in mobile testing, our top notch QA engineers have established best practices and processes in ensuring application quality using the agile testing methodology. We apply tools like Jenkin, TestFlight, Appium... to achieve the continuous integration best practices. This makes the application quality well managed and transparent to all stakeholders. In return, the testing cost is reduced and it improves the product time-to-market.

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