API Testing

The scope of API testing service is to create black-box tests for the APIs and not the GUI. Our service typically involves creating new programs and simulators to help test those programming interfaces. Our test experts ensure the test must be thoroughful and extensive enough to cover many different scenarios, that typically involve interactions between many different modules and applications within the product.The key differences between API Testing and Unit Testing

  • Both API testing and unit testing are code-level but API testing is owned by QA team, while Unit Testing is owned by development team.
  • Developers are expected to develop unit tests to test their code modules (classes, functions, database stored procedures, etc…) before the code submitted and the build is done. The test is typically to verify the each unit in isolation performs as it should. The scope of test does not include system level interactions of various units.
  • Testers are expected to develop API tests to verify the APIs not the GUI, considering the full functionality of the system and interactions between different modules within the product.

Database Testing

This testing can involve a series of different database abstractions, such as Data Warehouse, Data Mart and Data Vault.

The scope of work includes:

  • Test the referential integrity of the database
  • Test database security including database permissions and privileges
  • Test the interfaces to the database such as win forms, web forms and web services
  • Test database application programming interfaces (APIs) such as ODBC, JDBC…
  • Test data-format integrity
  • Test database and datamart loads through specialized load tools