What is The Internet of Things (IoT)

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) refers to the network of physical objects - buildings, appliances, transportation facilities, vehicles and so on - that are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity to collect and exchange data. IoT is different from the internet as most people understand it because it refers specifically to machine-to-machine communication (M2M), rather than computers-to-people. The IoT’s rapid development is being driven by the dynamic mobile devices market and advances in SOC (System-On-Chip) solutions, sensors, memory, networking and power.

IoT devices can push data directly to the cloud, or they can send data through a central access point for consolidation before going to the cloud. This central point is called the gateway. 

Today IoT applications can be seen in smart home and smart office solutions, energy grids, healthcare facilities, transportation systems, and geolocation systems. According to a research by insightbrief, 76% of businesses plan to incorporate IoT internally while 74% have external uses for IoT.

IoT, internet of things stack, IoT platform and applications

IoT, internet of things stack, IoT platform and applications

Our IoT Expertise

As the Internet of Things becomes a new social and business paradigm, how will you move from connecting devices to capturing insights and capitalizing on them? Objects, devices, and systems are learning to communicate and consult each other without any human input. Once connected, smart devices and applications can monitor, modify, support, and alert consumers, experts, professionals, and stakeholders of all types of device events and occurrences. To help clients access and optimize the vast intelligence in this communication channel, IMT leverages its extensive multi-disciplinary knowledge of networking to develop comprehensive IoT solutions for companies in the following technology areas:

  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M)
  • Data acquisition
  • IoT security & privacy
  • IoT technological consulting
  • Development of connected embedded systems and industrial gateways
  • Next generation cloud IoT architecture and consulting
  • Identification technologies
  • Big data and analytics

Why working with us?

By having access to the large pool of IT talent in Southeast Asia (software engineers, developers and architects, QA,  testing automation experts, PMs, DevOps, tech leads, Scrum Masters etc) you will be able to scale your R&D team on-demand at affordable costs compared to other traditional outsourcing locations such as Eastern Europe, China or India.

You can engage IMT Solutions either on a fixed price contract, T&M (Time & Material) project or Offshore Development Center (ODC) basis, whereby the last option allows you to establish an extension of your R&D Team in one of our Vietnam labs.

We can create mobile, tablet, web or desktop software applications with either a cloud based or local database that exchanges information via either short-range frequencies such as NFC, Wi-fi, Bluetooth or infrared, or long-range frequencies such as the internet and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Security is the one of the main concerns with IoT technology. We use industry standard end-to-end security solutions like symmetric data encryption (TLS, SSL) to protect the communication channels and permissions.

Sample IoT Projects

IoT in Retail Industry

For the Retail industry we offer the following identification R&D solutions:

  • Indoor positioning – identification of location via devices such as beacons, Wi-Fi hotspots or visual identification.
  • Digital merchandising – augmented reality solutions for merchandisers via use of smartphones or tablets for on-screen analytics.
  • Customer classification – identification of customers’ sex, age, behavior, and motion.

IoT in Smart City

For the Smart City, we help our clients to build complex systems to control electronic light devices using IoT technologies. The system can be scaled to support up to hundreds of thousands of devices. The system can measure weather, pollution, and traffic with the measurements taken from the sensors on the street light control network.

We have developed user-friendly UI/UX with Java and Java Scripts to help users to manage hundreds of thousands of devices from a single user interface

IoT Platform

We developed a SaaS based IoT platfom that supports a broad range of sensors, with customizable data analytic and reporting capabilities and RESTful API for thirdparty integration. The technology stack is based on open source such as:

  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • Apache Tomcat 7
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Security
  • Hazelcast
  • MongoDB
  • Apache HBase
  • InfluxDB
  • Apache Spark

Our platform is customizable for following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Wearables