Cloud technologies have become an essential way of delivering content and services for almost every kind of business from ecommerce stores to restaurant management software. 

The IMT team focuses on two main cloud-computing platforms: Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services.  We help our clients choose the suitable Cloud platform and adopt Cloud technologies.

Microsoft Azure

windows azure cloud service

Windows Azure provide a rich platform for developing and deploying SaaS and IT applications on the cloud. Our skilled team possess a thorough knowledge of Windows Azure Compute, Data, App and Network services and communication protocols such as SOAP, REST & XML. The IMT team can help develop pure-cloud or hybrid applications. Our Azure solutions come in both no-SQL and relational data storage models. Our Azure cloud service includes:

  • Migration to Windows Azure
  • Azure Web Development
  • Azure .NET Development
  • Azure Mobile Development
  • Hybrid Azure Application Development
  • Azure Professional Services
  • Azure Managed Services
  • QA services for Azure Development and Migration

Amazon Web Services

AWS software development service

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud commonly referred to as Amazon EC2 is the core of the Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platforms allows users to rent virtual machines hosted in Amazon data centers and scale up an down on demand. Another part of the platform is a variety of web services supporting hosted applications such as storage, database, cache, management, which are also available to external applications. Since EC2 allows hosting an arbitrary virtual machine image, moving applications to the cloud is straightforward and does not require much code change. However, to take full advantage of cloud computing and to make the application scalable it should use Amazon Web Services (AWS) provided by the platform. There are many tools and libraries available for different programming languages. Amazon provides AWS Toolkit for Eclipse which includes a plug-in for Eclipse Java IDE and AWS SDK for Java.

IMT gained experience in developing Java and LAMP applications designed to run on Amazon EC2 cloud platform through a series of successfully enterprise-level projects. Our service includes:

  • Application development and testing using AWS
  • Migration to AWS platform
  • Professional services
  • Managed services

Private Cloud - Joyent

Joyent cloud computing

The private cloud platform Joyent Triton created by Joyent, which has been used by many industry leaders. Joyent is a complete private cloud management platform, optimized to deliver next generation, container-based IaaS in data centers. The Joyent is open source, scalable, easy to install, leveraging the SmartDataCenter open source community for innovation and growth. Our services include

  • Application development and testing
  • Migration to Joyent platform
  • Professional services
  • Managed services