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Industry News



QA or the Highway, Columbus, USA, February 16 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

QA or the Highway is a one-day regional conference that focuses on software testing and software quality. It takes place every year in Columbus, Ohio.

Testing Showcase North, Manchester, UK, February 11 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

Testing Showcase North is a one-day interactive software testing conference, comprising a program of high quality presentations, case studies and facilitated roundtable discussions where all participants can join in and share their own experiences, and hear fresh ideas.

CAST 2016 Call for Speakers Open – Software Testing Magazine

CAST is the annual conference of the Association for Software Testing (AST). At CAST 2016, speakers will be presenting stories, workshops, and research based on their experiences surrounding how to fit testing into software development. The 2016 CAST conference will be located in Vancouver, Canada, August 8-10 2016.

Synopsys Boosts Software Integrity Platform with Coverity 8.0 Release –

Synopsys has announced the release of Coverity 8.0, the latest version of the company's automated static analysis solution for addressing critical security vulnerabilities and quality defects in the source code of software. The Coverity 8.0 release includes several significant updates, including support for new programming languages, enhanced security testing capabilities, and additional integration support for a number of development tools and environments.


Testing Best Practices



How NOT to Write Test Cases (Tips for New and Experienced Testers) – Software Testing Help

Test case writing is one of the primary activities of the QA team. We spend most of our time writing, reviewing, executing or maintaining these. It is quite unfortunate that test cases are also the most error prone.

How to Deal With Bad Requirements as a Tester – Software Testing Help

Finally, loosely-defined or undefined requirements are a part of tester’s life and we need to accept them but let’s try to be optimistic and determine solutions to it. After all, we are testers, help keep the applications on track and guard them from falling flat.

Considering User Experience when Testing Push Notifications in Messaging Apps –

The functionality of a messenger app's push notifications is expected to be the same regardless of the device or OS being used. This article discusses how testing these notifications involves keeping in mind the different states of the device and the app, and why the functional configuration audit is just as important as the physical.

The QA job market is a killer, would you stand a chance? – QualiTest

QualiTest has gathered information from the biggest and most popular us-based online job boards. We collected data from over 450,000 listed software QA positions across six job boards.

How to make perfect test using Microsoft Test Manager – uTest

Use Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to help you test the application you built. MTM stores your test plans and results on Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Selenium: The Open Source, the Myth, the Legend –

Many people wonder what it means that Selenium is open source, and further, what the community element of that paradigm brings to the table. This article addresses some of the common misconceptions about that situation, as well as details some of the benefits of the community behind a product like Selenium.

Less Is More: Picking Your Test Automation Language –

It's a classic dispute: Two test automation engineers can't agree on which programming language to use. In some contexts the strong points of a certain language definitively make it the right choice, but what do you do when either language could work well for a project? That's when it becomes a managerial decision.

Test Automation is Like Software Development – Software Testing Magazine

In many software development organizations, people make a difference between the software developers who actually write code and the software testers that are just there to perform some software quality activities. In the book “Experiences of Test Automation”, software testers from SAP share their view that test automation requires the same mindset than software development.

Five Patterns for Test Automation: STARWEST 2015 Interview with Matt Griscom –

In this interview, TechWell speaks with Matt Griscom, a software professional with twenty years of experience creating software, including innovative test automation. At STARWEST 2015, he gave the presentation "MetaAutomation: Five Patterns for Test Automation."

How to Test JAVA Applications – Tips with Sample Test Cases (Part 1) – Software Testing Help

In this tutorial, we will learn the components involved in a Java application and the various types of testing that need to be carried out to ensure a high quality, bug free application.

How to Perform Automation Testing of JAVA/J2EE Applications (Part 2) – Software Testing Help

Generally, J2EE applications are very large and contain several components from front end screen to back end database. Automated testing is preferred over manual testing for such large applications due to time and effort saved. Automated testing is typically done with the help of tools and frameworks.

Top 25 Tools for Automated Testing of JAVA Applications (Part 3) – Software Testing Help

In this article, we will see an overview of component wise automated testing tools for JAVA/J2EE applications. Most of the popular tools are open source and are largely derived from JUnit. The tools vary for view, business logic and validation components.