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Industry News



Agile Testing & BDD eXchange, London, UK, November 12-13 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

The Agile Testing & BDD eXchange conference is a two-day event focused on all aspects of Agile testing and Behaviour-Driven Development. It provides an environment to learn and network for all Agile developers and software testers

Tools for Mobile Apps Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Testing mobile applications requires using many different tools for activities that ranges from testing communication to recording bug. In this article, Dmitry Radchenko lists some of the tools that he uses in his daily mobile apps testing activities.

Ascert and Odyssey Expand Testing Capabilities in the CloudSoftware Testing Magazine

Ascert and Odyssey Information Services announce they are teaming up to provide a unique service in the cloud. The Ascertified Hosted Service provides cloud based certification & testing environments that allow users to benefit from the unique automation characteristics of Ascert’s VersaTest testing products without incurring the time and cost of internal infrastructure changes. Odyssey brings established, professional help desk and system support services to the partnership, resulting in a robust service offering in terms of both technology and customer service.

SmartBear Redefines How Functional and Performance Testing is Done –

SmartBear Software has announced a new version of TestComplete that redefines how functional and performance testing is done with script reuse. One of the world’s most recognized automated testing tools, TestComplete is now integrated with LoadComplete, SmartBear’s popular load testing solution for websites, mobile and Web apps. Customers deploying the new version are able to repurpose TestComplete functional test scripts for performance testing in LoadComplete.

Progress Introduces Mobile Test Automation for Native iOS and Android with Latest from Telerik Test Studio –

Progress has announced the latest release of the intuitive, easy-to-use automated testing offering, Telerik Test Studio. As part of today’s release, Telerik, a Progress company, has added mobile test automation for native iOS and Android applications with Telerik Test Studio Mobile solution. The point-and-click functionality enables users to capture and replay complex mobile testing functionality quickly, reducing the time required for testing.


Testing Best Practices



Software Testing in Continuous Integration – Software Testing Magazine

As DevOps is now a new important approach for rapid software delivery, how do you perform software testing in this context of reduced cycle times. In his article, Gopinath C H explains how to perform testing in continuous integration and continuous deployment workflows, providing examples based on the Visual Studio 2015 and Team Foundation Server tools.

Using Google Analytics to Drive a Browser/Device Strategy –

It can often be difficult to devise an appropriate strategy when it comes to testing on browsers and devices. Exhaustive testing of all browser/device combinations is an exercise in futility; we must consider a smarter and more realistic approach. Using user data to drive your strategy will help you to focus your efforts ‘where they are needed most’, while adopting a risk-based attitude to coverage and defects will help you prioritize ‘what really matters’.

Multivariate Testing and A/B Testing Simplified: How to Test Webpage Optimization Techniques – Software Testing Help

Both methods, A/B and Multivariate testing increase conversion rate, improve performance and optimize WebPages. Both are useful in their own way and come with their unique short comings and challenges too- it is up to us to identify and analyse which method will best suit the requirement.

The Art of Bug Reporting: How to Market and Get Your Bugs Fixed? – Software Testing Help

The first things that come to my mind as I start writing this article are the words of Cem Kaner“The best tester isn’t the one who finds the most bugs or who embarrasses most programmers. The best tester is the one who gets most bugs fixed.”

From Beginner to Pro: A Complete Guide to Successful Journey of a Testing Professional – Software Testing Help

You may ask a question, if we align our attitude and professional goals properly, shall everyone become a test manager or QA manager in future quickly with short duration? The answer is NO. Why? Because we are all HUMANS.

Killing the Myths of Outsourced Software Testing – QualiTest

There are many software testing engagement models  that can be utilized. In fact, a report from Research and Markets informs readers that “outsourcing of software testing...

Infographic: Dedicated Testing Team vs. Managed Crowd Testing – QualiTest

To compare the two service models based on coverage, time and cost with real life examples. Check out this comparison infographic.

Testing Usability for Mobile Applications –

Mobile usability goes a long way in enhancing end-user app acceptance. But usability starts with the user, and users differ in terms of knowledge, interests, goals, and so on. This article discusses some core usability characteristics that matter to customers, and how test engineers can understand and achieve them.

Women Who Test: STARWEST 2015 Interview with Alison Wade –

In this interview, TechWell speaks to the founder of Women Who Test, Alison Wade. She is also the program chair for the Mobile Dev + Test Conference. Alison speaks about her new summit that celebrates female testers.

Remaining a Relevant Tester – Software Testing Magazine

The software industry is changing fast. Many of the companies software testers work for have to re-adjust their working patterns, release cycles and project approaches in response to this change. It’s never been more important to remain relevant to the company you work for. Yet a surprising number of people are ignoring the needs of the business they work for, clinging to outdated approaches to work and running away from change.