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Industry News



Software Quality Days, Vienna, Austria, January 18-21 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Software Quality Days is a four-day conference focused on quality in software development that takes place in Vienna. It aims to present and discuss the latest trends, best practice methods in quality management and ideas on improving methods and processes. Presentations are in German and in English.

Test Academy, Barcelona, Spain, January 27 2016 – Software Testing Magazine

The Test Academy is a one-day conference that takes place in Barcelona. It consists of a full day of master classes, each an hour and a half long, given by both national and international software testing experts.

BlazeMeter and AppDynamics Team Up to Solve Application Performance Challenges –

BlazeMeter has announced a new integration with AppDynamics to help developers address issues that impact application performance with accuracy and consistency. Users of the integrated products can now incorporate critical metrics from AppDynamics into their BlazeMeter test scenarios to identify problem areas faster. The end result is a rapid resolution of key issues and a smarter approach to improving application performance.

Vector Software Announces Release 6.4 of VectorCAST –

Vector Software, a provider of innovative software solutions for robust embedded software quality, has announced the release of VectorCAST™ version 6.4, the most advanced test automation platform for C/C++ and Ada development. VectorCAST 6.4 includes a host of new features and enhancements in data aggregation, reporting, usability, and tool integration.


Testing Best Practices



Don’t get it, Don’t make it, Don’t send it! –

Having the QA team as a bottleneck is not uncommon in software delivery projects. Although there are various reasons behind it (such as estimating stories without including the testing effort, tech debt, etc.), an important contributor to that situation is the debt that QAs inherit from the upstream. A poor job done with analysis in the upstream process, will definitely impact the downstream processes such as development, testing and UAT.

6 Most Common Reasons You Should Adopt Agile in Your Organization (Part 1) – Software Testing Help

Welcome to the short series of articles explaining End to End process of adopting agile in a software organization. It is not just about presenting the theory behind agile in a novel style. Rather, the intent is to focus on the entirely practical aspects of agile process adoption by any software organization.

5 Fundamental Questions To Test Whether Agile is Feasible For You (Part 2) – Software Testing Help

Assuming that you are induced and have a firm belief in Agile, it is a time to explore its feasibility within your organizational context. Your faith in Agile usefulness and its mass success cannot guarantee your success alone. It has to be compatible with your organization, project, teams and the management framework.

Groundwork For A Successful Agile Journey: How to Choose the Right Method, Tools and the Techniques – Software Testing Help

You understandably have retained your interest in Agile implementation because you have assessed your feasibility well and now looking to start your endeavor for successful agile implementation.As a beginner, every process engineer reviews the literature when assigned the huge mission of defining a compatible Agile process for the organization.

6 Tips for Software Testers on Asking Questions –

Asking questions plays an important role in software testing. It isn’t easy—actually, it may be one of the most difficult skills to master—but it’s worth the effort because the more you ask, the more you learn. Here are six tips on asking questions to help you get answers that will guide your testing beyond the superficial.

The Impact of Quality-Driven Development –

When the development and QA teams work independently of each other, there can be some duplication of test efforts—which results in wasted time. The solution: quality-driven development, with QA-implemented automation run in the development environment. This is the story of one team's venture into this new process.

4 Steps to Level Up Your Testing Game and Advance Your Career –

As more businesses are adopting DevOps and demanding continuous delivery, it's important for testers to constantly upgrade their skills. By leveraging the right resources, including developer and application performance management tools, you can play a bigger and more collaborative role in producing higher-quality output.

Backbone.js Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Backbone.js is an open source JavaScript framework that aims to structure web applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of functions, views with declarative event handling and a RESTful JSON interface. The book “Backbone.js Testing” offers a nice overview on how to test JavaScript code in general, and more specifically Backbone.js applications.

Stop Hating your Test Suite – Software Testing Magazine

Your application is a unique snowflake. Your software tests are too… but they shouldn’t be! Years helping teams write better tests has taught me one thing: consistency is crucial. Inconsistent tests slow teams down, wasting time to understand how each test works.