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Industry News



Agile Testing Days, Utrecht, The Netherlands, March 19 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

The Agile Testing Day Netherlands is a one-day conference for and by international software testing professionals involved in Agile work processes. Talks are in English and in Dutch. Its target audience is test managers, test analysts, team managers, software architects, head of quality assurance, consultants, developers and trainers.

uTest Teams With TestIstanbul, Secures Conference Discount for Community – uTest

TestIstanbul is the largest software testing conference in South East Europe and the Middle East, hosting nearly a thousand local and foreign professionals from the software testing realm. The 2015 edition will be hosted, as always, in Istanbul, Turkey, on March 27, 2015.

New version of load testing tool enables on-demand virtual users from the cloud

TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, today announced the launch of eggPlant Performance v6, the latest version of the company’s advanced performance and load testing tool. This release introduces cloud-based performance testing for the first time. eggPlant Performance v6 can now automatically and dynamically set-up load-injectors on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure servers. This makes it faster and easier for software testers to set-up large performance and stress tests, while reducing the hardware needed to acquire and set-up virtual users.

Jubula 8.1 brings testers and developers closer together – Professional Tester

BREDEX GmbH has released version 8.1 of Jubula, the free open source testing tool, on Jubula is a tool that lets testers automate tests without writing program code.The aim of Jubula 8.1 is to improve the communication between testers, test automators and developers.

Apple Rolling TestFlight Into iTunes Connect – uTest

Apple will be closing its legacy app beta testing site for good on February 26, 2015, moving the service entirely into iTunes Connect, according to a report from our friends at ARC.


Testing Best Practices



What Is The Difference Between Quality Assurance, Quality Control, And Testing?– MOSAIC, INC.

Many people and organizations are confused about the difference between quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), and testing. They are closely related, but they are different concepts. Since all three are necessary to effectively manage the risks of developing and maintaining software, it is important for software managers to understand the differences.

10 Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Career in Software Testing – Software Testing Help

After spending almost a decade in the software testing industry, I think I am eligible to write down the learnings. Most of the time, I have been asked, whether I do any testing with current role?

How to Plan and Manage Testing Projects Effectively (Tips) – Software Testing Help

In this test project planning tutorial we will learn

  • The overall project planning process in testing projects
  • Discussion on certain specific planning elements such as resource management, coordination and reporting techniques

Eight Simple Ways to Improve Distributed QA Teams –

Geographically distributed QA teams and the challenges that they face are a common and ongoing topic in the software development world. In this article, Kevin Wilson focuses attention on eight simple solutions that can help maximize the effectiveness of your distributed QA team.

Bad Tests, Good Tests – Software Testing Magazine

Tomek Kaczanowski writes that the idea behind its “Bad Tests, Good Tests” book is “to present test code snippets and discuss ways of making them better.” To achieve this goal, he explores a large amount of code and tests to discuss all the issues that you can meet in your software testing activities.