Case Study: Cross-Cultural ESL Platform

Our client, an international Education provider, needed to revamp their English-learning platform. They needed a way to offer tests online for students spread across multiple regions. Already used by thousands of users in different countries, they hoped to bring them together to learn English more efficiently. That's why they petitioned IMT Solutions to develop an online platform able to meet their needs.


Offshoring is understood as using resources from other countries. In the field of information technology, Offshoring is usually outsourcing contracts or software development. Communication is usually done via high-speed data links, allowing engineers and managers to communicate on a real-time basis. Customers can remotely monitor the project development process and milestones on a minute-to-minute basis, quality assurance and processes

Vietnam IT Outsourcing Companies of Excellence 2015

The 2015 Vietnam IT Outsourcing Companies of Excellence Award honored 33 country's top IT outsourcing companies on October 15, 2015 during the VNITO conference. The award jury comprised representatives from KPMG Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City High Technology Association, the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, and the Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association.