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QualiTest Managed Crowdtesting Services Insures Pepsi World Cup Campaign Flows Smoothly Professional Tester

QualiTest Group, USA’s largest pure play software testing company, was selected to manage crowdtesting services for Pepsi’s World Cup campaign.The Client needed assistance in testing an interactive, dynamic advertisement that was to be run in 40 countries during the FIFA World Cup 2014.


Testing Best Practices



Enabling Continuous Delivery (CD) in Enterprises with Testing –

There are various practices that Organizations and Enterprises need to implement to enable CD. Testing (automation) is one of the important practices that needs to be setup correctly for CD to be successful.

Top 10 QA Myths of Agile Testing – Testing Excellence

QA professionals in Agile teams can sometimes feel uncomfortable – In the ideal world they would have a ‘finished’ product to verify against a finished specification. This white paper from original software addresses the top 10 myths about Agile Testing.

Role of QA Manager in Agile Project – Testing Excellence

The role and responsibilities of QA Managers have changed a lot over the past few years, mainly due to many organizations moving to agile development methodologies where there are clusters of Agile Teams working together to deliver business objectives.

Exploratory Testing Goes Mainstream – Testing Excellence

Recently, some leaders in the testing field suggested that all testing is in fact, exploratory testing. Testing methodology was actually very informal beginning in the 1960s, and it was not until the 1970s that more formalized standards and test scripts came into vogue. But formalization does not always equal improvement, and with the growth of agile methodology, proponents of exploratory testing have high praise for a more flexible testing approach.

How to Have Seamless Script Execution Planning and Reporting for Success of an Automation Project – Software Testing Help

Seamless Execution and proper reporting are one of the important factors in test automation.We have faced many difficulties when we were not having an execution plan in place. But in our next projects, we came up with the proper execution planning and it resulted in much less pain afterwards.

10 Best Practices and Strategies for Test Automation – Software Testing Help

This is the last article in the test automation series. This article summarizes the best practices and strategies of doing test automation.

Innovation from the Tester’s Viewpoint: An Interview with Jason Arbon –

In this interview, Jason Arbon, founder of and a keynote speaker at STAREAST, talks about all things testing. He explains why testing is the most underappreciated side of application development, as well as how you can push for innovation and, if necessary, fail gracefully.