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Industry News



STARCanada, Vancouver, Canada, June 21–25 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

Software Testing Analysis & Review Canada Conference (STARCanada) is a software testing conference that discusses information, tools, and technologies available today in the software testing industry.

DevExpress Releases TestCafe v15.1 – Software Testing Magazine

DevExpress has announced the immediate availability of TestCafe v15.1, its automated web testing framework. TestCafe provides teams with the tools to start testing any web app against all major browsers that support HTML5. And because TestCafe is OS agnostic, tests can be executed on any hardware – from Windows, Mac and Linux desktops to browsers running on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Cloud Testing Service Remote TestKit Supports Android M – Software Testing Magazine

NTT Resonant Inc. has added devices with “Android M Developer Preview,” the developer preview version of the new OS Android M, to its lineup on the “Remote TestKit” cloud-based software testing service. With this new solution, it offers immediate support to developers who want to develop apps supporting the latest OS.

Sauce Labs Accelerates Automated Testing for Continuous Integration –

Sauce Labs has announced a significant update to the Sauce Labs service, specifically engineered for Continuous Integration (CI) workflows. Now, enterprises can test web and mobile applications more quickly and with greater insight into their software builds than ever before -- helping developers deliver high quality applications to market even faster.

SmartBear Integrates Ready! API with Git, JIRA, TestComplete, Selenium and AlertSite UXM –

SmartBear Software has integrated Ready! API with popular development and monitoring tools – Git, JIRA, TestComplete, Selenium and AlertSite UXM. Integration with these tools provides developers and IT operations teams an end-to-end strategy in continuous improvement over API quality.

HP Unveils LeanFT Testing Tool –

HP announced a new functional test automation solution, HP LeanFT, which allows software developers and testers to leverage continuous testing and continuous delivery methodologies to rapidly build, test, and deliver secure, high quality applications. The solution enables organizations to achieve faster time to market, higher predictability and quality, and lower overall costs throughout the development lifecycle.


Testing Best Practices



Client-side Performance Testing Tutorial –

To ensure the product being built is usable, with reasonably acceptable performance, we need to ensure the product is designed, built and validated from each of these Non-Functional Requirements perspective.

Web Testing Tips – How to Test Web Applications – Testing Excellence

Web Testing is different to desktop application testing. In Web Application Testing, we are typically using a browser (the client) to request a website from a web server by communicating with the server over HTTP or HTTPS.

STAREAST 2015 Interview with Andy Glover: Problem Solving for Testers –

In this STAREAST interview, Andy Glover explains how testers solve problems. He digs into visual testing and its uses, as well as how we need to innovate in order to move the industry forward.

Testing in Tongues: How to Test When You Don’t Know the Language –

If you’re told to test an application that’s in a language you don’t understand, don’t panic. You know enough about testing to get started, and you might actually find yourself learning something about the language itself. Brian Noggle points out a few things you can always test—regardless of whether you speak the language.

How to Talk about Security Testing without Scaring People –

When it came to security testing, Sylvia Killinen noted that her company's most frequent difficulty wasn't the testing itself. Instead, it was the communication that provided problems, in part because of the words used to explain what would be performed. If you take care with how you describe your process, you may get more support while executing tests and repairing systems.

How to Write Basic Groovy Script in SoapUI – SoapUi Tutorial #6 – Software Testing Help

In this SoapUI tutorial we will learn basic scripting operations using Groovy script and following that, we will learn different types of operators that can be used in Groovy scripts in SoapUI.

How to Use Properties in SoapUI Groovy Script – SoapUI Tutorial #7 – Software Testing Help

Properties are the central repository to store our information temporarily. These can contain login information like username and password, session data like session id, page context, header information and so on.

Working with SoapUI Properties – SoapUI Tutorial #8 – Software Testing Help

This tutorial is all about SoapUI properties. In last SoapUI tutorial we saw how to add properties in Groovy script.

50 Shades of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) – Software Testing Magazine

Behavior driven development (BDD) is a process that captures how a software system functions with sets of acceptance criteria. From a developer’s perspective this appears to be test driven development at a higher level with potential automation of those tests. However, if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, it’s about functioning better as a team to deliver value to your clients.

Behaviour-Driven Development with Behat – Software Testing Magazine

Agile development is a big thing nowadays. Almost every project wants to deliver value as quick as possible, but not all of them succeed because of the share amount of work most projects require. But what if you could actually deliver 2 times more value, but 3 times less features? Behat is an open source Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework for PHP inspired by the Ruby Cucumber BDD framework.