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Industry News



Software Quality Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, April 23 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

Software Quality Conference is a one-day event focused on software testing that takes place in Utrecht, Netherlands. It aimed at expanding your insights on agile, testing and devops to improve your software reliability All the talks are in Dutch.

New Release of Telerik Test Studio – Software Testing Magazine

Progress has announced the latest release of the Telerik Test Studio automated testing solution. As part of this release, Telerik has added IntelliMap, a revolutionary advancement in test automation. This new functionality introduces a new way for testers to work in parallel with developers and avoid delays during quality assurance (QA).

HP Updates Software Testing, Agile and Big Data Tools –

HP has announced new software releases designed to help organizations deliver mobile applications that delight customers and score 5-star ratings. The innovations harness HP’s unique assets in big data analytics, application lifecycle management, IT operations management and security to enable organizations to accelerate the delivery of every phase of the mobile app lifecycle, from creation and pre-production, to delivery and post-production management.

uTester Shares Experience From TestIstanbul 2015 – uTest

This year’s TestIstanbul took place last Friday in Istanbul, Turkey, and one of our uTesters made the trip to this largest software testing conference in South East Europe and the Middle East.Bronze-rated uTester and QA Engineer at Monitise Ziya (Ilkem) Erogul was gracious to share some of his thoughts on the show.


Testing Best Practices



10 Essential Steps to Introduce Test Automation in Your Organization – Software Testing Help

In many organizations, quality is the first preference. If you are found to be in such an organization and still there is no formal test automation is done, you could be the person to inaugurate it. It will assist your organization to build more quality products in less time and likewise be able to market it early.

Considerations for Best Practices with Selenium – Software Testing Magazine

Selenium is a widely used open source tool used for software testing that provides a record/playback IDE for authoring software tests without learning a specific test scripting language. In this article, Brian Van Stone provides some best practices on how to successfully use Selenium for your test automation efforts.

Overview of Scrum Agile Development Methodology – Testing Excellence

Scrum is an agile development methodology for managing and completing projects. It is a way for teams to work together to achieve a set of common goals. Scrum is an iterative and incremental approach to software development, meaning that a large project is split into a series of iterations called “Sprints”, where in each sprint, the goal is to complete a set of tasks to move the project closer to completion.

Agile Test Strategy Example Template – Testing Excellence

In an agile environment, where we work in short sprints or iterations, each sprint is focused on only a few requirements or user stories, so it is natural that documentation may not be as extensive, in terms of both number and content.A test strategy usually has a mission statement which could be related to the wider business goals and objectives.

Auditing and Software Testing: What’s the Connection? – uTest

Proper software testing and quality assurance requires more than just versatile, reliable tools. Stakeholders must also ensure that team members are interacting well, making relevant contributions and working toward predefined testing metrics.Fortunately, there’s a lot of overlap between having a sound technical solution and a good software audit process.

10 Things to Know About Software Testers – uTest

Testers rarely get the spotlight, and some may think that they have it easy playing with apps all day. But to assume this would be inaccurate — software testers are a unique bunch, and there’s a lot about them that may surprise you.

Start Testing Before Testing Starts – Testing Excellence

It’s a familiar scenario: the development phase of a project is behind schedule and the project manager has to decide whether to give the developers more time or take the incomplete build into formal testing on its planned date. A number of factors will influence this decision.