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Industry News



Romanian Testing Conference, Cluj Napoca, Romania, May 14-15 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

The Romanian Testing Conference is a two-day conference focused on software testing. It provides a rich content program in a comfortable and well structured manner delivered by professional speakers in software testing industry.

Belgium Testing Days, Brussels, Belgium, May 18-21 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

The Belgium Testing Days (BTD) is a four days conference dedicated to software testing. The BTD event aims to be the best software testing conference with leading experts on Testing, QA, DevOps, Mobile Testing, Test Automation and Continuous Delivery.

Damn Bugs and Overlook Merge into Lean Testing – Software Testing Magazine

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that we’ve been shaking things up at Damn Bugs recently. Today, the bug tracker formerly known as Damn Bugs and the test case management software formerly known as Overlook have merged into Lean Testing, the complete test management solution.

Parasoft Named a Leader in Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools by Independent Resear Professional Tester

According to the report, 'Parasoft’s API testing roots and comprehensive integrations pays off. Parasoft has a very strong product offering...[Its] strong vision on the use of analytics to drive greater testing performance, implemented in its current products and road map, make it a key player in the continuous delivery world allowing developers to promote low-risk, quality-release candidates in delivery pipelines.'

Apica Releases Continuous Integration Load Testing Plugin for Jenkins –

Apica, a leading provider of Web Performance Monitoring and Load Testing tools, has announced the launch of its automated load test plugin for Jenkins, a continuous integration platform. Designed to be an easy-to-use and streamlined tool for developers, the LoadTest integration plugin allows a Jenkins user to run automated load tests from inside Jenkins when developing and deploying an application.

BlazeMeter Launches Secure Mobile App Testing Solution –

BlazeMeter has announced the Mobile Recorder, an industry first feature that enables users to easily create performance tests by recording native apps directly from their mobile devices even with secure connections. This new solution helps reduce testing time from hours to minutes.  The Mobile Recorder is the latest addition to BlazeMeter’s Mobile Testing Suite, which allows users to run performance and scalability tests for mobile apps and websites from multiple geographical locations.

New DevOps Solution for Continuous Testing Launched –

Spirent Communications has launched Spirent CLEAR DevOps, a solution to help organizations accelerate product development and deployment through continuous testing. The solution addresses the DevOps challenge of incorporating the testing within the continuous integration and deployment cycles.


Testing Best Practices



Test Automation - Who should be involved? –

An area of constant debate in the software industry revolves around automation of tests and who takes part in their design, creation and maintenance. There are many blogs on the subject about who within the team should do this, and different scenarios have varying degrees of success for the team, product and company.

How to Create, Update and Delete Cookies in WebDriver – Testing Excellence

In this webdriver tutorial we look at handling cookies in webdriver. Java code examples of how to create, update and delete cookies using selenium webdriver.

Practical Tips for Software Testers – Testing Excellence

Below are a list of guidelines and tips for software testers and QA professionals when involved in testing applications. These software testing tips are collected from many years of experience in testing web applications in an agile environment. If you want to share your testing tips, then add it in the comments field.

Using Load Testing Tools for More Than Just Load Testing –

System load testing tools are well known for understanding how your system will perform under different scenarios—but that is not all these tools can do. This article looks at the ability to gain critical information from your production systems using the abilities that are included in these tools.

Things to Remember When Writing Tests – Software Testing Magazine

Writing test should be part of the normal routine of every software developer. It is however not always the case. In his book ” Bad Tests, Good Tests”, Tomek Kaczanowski provides some interesting tips to improve your test writing activity.

New Emerging Trends in the Job Seeking Market (Part 1) – Shorter Resumes – Software Testing Help

The world of resume and interviews is changing constantly.In this article, I will try to consolidate all the trends I have come across, so we can share all that was shared with us to the readers.

Tips to Prepare for Virtual and Presentation Based QA Interviews – New Interview Trends (Part 2) – Software Testing Help

We are on the trail to understand the changes that are taking place in the IT industry’s job market.This article is going to be on interviews. There are two (or may be three) things we will talk about here (of course, with plenty of samples and examples).

Deliberate Testing in an Agile World: An Interview with Dan North –

In this interview, technology and organizational consultant Dan North discusses deliberate testing in an agile world. He talks about how testing was perceived before agile became such a big part of the industry, and whether or not we've lulled ourselves into a false sense of testing security.