About Us

IMT has strong commitment to leverage our IT innovations and global activities to contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deep-rooted in the core values of IMT and is an integral part of our working culture. IMT conducts business with unfailing integrity to its clients, partners, and employees. The same level of transparency and integrity is extended to the society and the environment in order to create a positive impact.

The global warming issue has become much-publicized topics over the last several years. As part of our increasing focus on this topic, we promote environmentally friendly practices in the hope that the small acts we nurture within office hours will gradually growth bigger and eventually shape employee’s habit/perception.

Efficient use of energy

  • IMT’s employees are encouraged to conserve energy
  • IMT uses energy star certified hardware when possible
  • A reporting system in place to track devices that are on after office hours

Minimize waste and maximize recycle

  • Promoting paperless working environment and recycling
  • Two-side printing reducing amount of paper used
  • Where appropriate; refurbished equipment or parts are considered to use

Community Awareness Activities

  • Office plants
  • World Earth Day